Skip Horner has guided worldwide adventures for more than 40 years, including scaling the highest mountain on every continent, rafting over a dozen wild rivers on five continents,and skiing the
highest peaks in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

The Rimo 1 expedition was a multi-national expedition into India’s remote and officially inaccessible Eastern Karakorum Mountains.

The 30 person team’s goal was to climb one of the highest unclimbed peaks in the world in 1986 – Rimo 1 at 24,230 feet – then raft the wild and un-run Shyok River that drains the mountain.

It was a two-month expedition that lasted almost four months, highlighted by excellent climbing conditions and great camaraderie, but also fractious group in-fighting, and the theft of all of our film and the last morsels of food. Foul weather, government duplicity and intransigence, deceitful support staff, implacable border guards on horseback, and threats of espionage all played a part.

Come see and hear the riveting tale of this grand adventure.

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