The American Avalanche Association is currently updating the standards of education in the U.S. The new changes are going into effect for the 17/18 season. Some of the key changes are the division of professional and recreational tracks for level 1 and level 2 classes. If you are a recreationist wanting to take a Rec. Level 2 or a professional interested in the Pro. Level 1, the new Avalanche Rescue Course will be required. This course can be fulfilled by taking our Companion Rescue Clinic/Beacon Use class that is offered on either December 3rd or December 10th this year. Whether you plan on continuing the course progression or not, the Avalanche Rescue is still a great opportunity to keep your skills dialed and on point. There is no requirement to take the Companion Rescue/Beacon Use course and it is highly recommended for anyone who recreates or works in the backcountry. Take a look at our course listings under the education tab for more information and registration. If you want to read up on the American Avalanche Association changes here is the link.