In conjunction with UM Campus Recreation, the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation is hosting a free two-part Mountain Weather lecture series. Featuring guest speaker, LeeAnn Allegretto, NOAA Meteorologist and Avalanche Program Leader from the National Weather Service.

Both sections are open to the public and will be held in the North Urey Underground Lecture Hall from 6 pm – 8 pm.

  • Part I  December 11th, 2017  
  • Part II December 13th, 2017 

Part I: An introduction to mountain weather. Meteorologist, LeeAnn Allegretto, delivers a special presentation on weather systems and generating forecasts for mountainous regions in Western Montana. She will discuss winter storm systems and weather patterns pertaining to mountainous regions surrounding Missoula and Bozeman.

Mountain Weather Part I Overview:

1. The Atmosphere and How the Weather Works.

2. Storm Systems (high and low-pressure systems).

3. Satellite and Radar Imaging.

4. Mountain Topography (basic orographic with local orographic effects).

Part II:  Meteorologist, LeeAnn Allegretto, will provide an introduction to weather models and navigating online components which are available to the public. She will discuss mountain wind patterns, forecasting snowfall and long-range outlooks with point forecasting.

Mountain Weather Part II Overview:

1. Introduction to various weather models

2. Mountain Winds

3. Forecasting Snowfall

4. Long range outlooks with point forecasting