Thank you for taking the time to submit this application. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest in joining the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation Board of Directors.

West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation Board of Directors

West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation (WCMAF) board members are volunteers who serve three-year terms and are expected to participate in monthly in-person board and committee meetings; provide counsel to WCMAF staff broadly and in their areas of expertise; participate in annual fundraising events, and make the WCMAF a personally-meaningful part of their philanthropy.
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  • Ideal Board Members bring insights, energy, and enthusiasm for the work of the WCMAF. Board Members serve as ambassadors of the organization and share an unwavering commitment to connecting the growing and increasingly diverse winter backcountry community to avalanche information and education. While a strong enthusiasm for the outdoors, winter recreation, and public safety is needed to be an effective board member, no formal or professional backcountry experience is required for this role. Please describe why you would like to join the WCMAF as an acting Board Member. Please include involvement with non-profit organizations, fundraising events, and your approach to interacting and working with representatives of a non-profit organization and the general public.
  • Please list areas of special talent or experience, courses, certifications, not listed above that you believe would be beneficial to the WCMAF:
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