Avalanche Awareness Presentation

Date | Location: Urey Underground Lecture Hall 

12.05.20  | Time: 6-7 | PM MST

Price: FREE! No registration necessary!

Avalanche Awareness 

In this 1-hour, free avalanche awareness session, our expert avalanche educators will deliver an introduction on how avalanches happen, what they look like, and how to avoid them. Through video footage, photos and engaging dialog, you will learn about why you should be aware, and how to be prepared when you travel in the backcountry. We’ll talk about gear, terrain, snowpack and more!

The avalanche awareness session is designed for both current and aspiring backcountry travelers.

Topics Covered:
– Types of Avalanches
– Avalanche Terrain
– Snowpack Types
– Weather Considerations
– Avalanche Advisory Information
– Trip Planning and Preparation
– Travel Techniques
– Education Opportunities