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Motorized AIARE Avalanche Rescue

Date | Location: 

2.16.19   Field Component | Wisherd Ridge Region Backountry, Montana

2.16.19 Classroom Component | Big Sky Brewing Co. Conference Room | Missoula, MT

Price: $150.00

Motorized AIARE Avalanche Rescue is a 1 day 8-hour field course that teaches you the essential life saving skills and techniques of companion rescue. Learn how to properly use your transceiver, shovel, avalanche probe, and other gear. This course is great for any experience level and is intended to be retaken on a regular basis in order to keep up to date on the best practices in avalanche rescue techniques and gear. New participants will learn the basics of companion rescue, while return participants can expand their skill set with advanced topics and complex realistic scenario practice. This course is great to expand on the basic rescue skills in a Level 1, or as a place to begin with your riding group every season to get dialed on your technique and rescue gear. All participants will receive an AIARE Avalanche Rescue certification.

Pre-Registration Required. Maximum 12 students.

Recommended Reading

  • Snow Sense, Jill Fredston & Doug Fesler
  • Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, Bruce Tremper
  • Avalanche Essentials, Bruce Tremper

Additional Information

Participants must have:

  • snowmobile or snow bike (reliable and appropriate for mountain riding)
  • avalanche rescue gear (beacon, shovel, probe)
  • backpack (airbag pack optional)
  • DOT approved helmet
  • the ability to ride off trail in varied terrain and deep snow

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