January 27 & 28 – Avalanche Awareness Workshop, University of Montana – This workshop consists of two evening lectures and a field trip. A field trip on February 1 will be conducted for skiers and snowboarders who attended the lectures. The workshop is essentially free; except for a lift fee for the ski / snowboard field day. The one-way lift fee will be approximately $12. There is no registration for the evening lectures and the field trip will be organized at the end of the second lecture. Skiers or snowboarders attending the field session must be able to easily negotiate ungroomed intermediate slopes. For more information contact [email protected]. Lectures – Tuesday January 27 and Wednesday January 28 – 6-8pm North Urey Lecture Hall – University of Montana Campus. Field Trip – Feb. 1 for skiers and snowboarders who attended the lectures. http://mslaavalanche2.wpengine.com

Sponsored by missoulaavalanche.org and UM