Avalanche Level 1 Course 

Classroom:  January 24 & 26th

  • Location: The University of Montana – Missoula, MT  (5 – 8 pm/MCG 210)

Field Component:  January 27th & 28th

  • Location: The Jewel Basin Yurt  – (includes meals & lodging)

Cost: $375/person

  • Ratio: 4:1

Course Description:

  • This Level 1 follows American Avalanche Association guidelines and is designed to provide you with a sound understanding of the basics, including tools you can use to make decisions about when to go/not go and how to conduct yourself in and around avalanche terrain. This is a cornerstone course for any person who travels in snowy mountainous terrain.
  • The Jewel Basin Yurt Level 1 course covers avalanche fundamentals in both a classroom setting and practical application while in the field. Course materials focus on terrain selection and travel protocols, along with snowpack assessment and weather evaluation. While in the field students will receive hands-on training and an opportunity to further develop avalanche skills with the supervision of an avalanche professional. Students will also practice rescue techniques through mock avalanche scenarios and experience firsthand what an avalanche search and rescue entails.

Course Focus:

  • Avalanche types and anatomy
  • Basic slab mechanics
  • Terrain
  • Snowpack and Weather
  • Decision Making and Human Factors
  • Companion Rescue

The Jewel Basin Yurt:

  • The Jewel Basin Yurt is located approximately 4.1 miles up the Jewel Basin Road and sits at 5,000 feet above sea level. The vertical gain from the valley to the yurt is 2,000 feet. The unique setting and placement of the yurt provide commanding views of Flathead Lake to the south and the Swan Mountain Range to the north.


Level 1 Avalanche