Sorry – this class is full – Level 1’s with classroom in Missoula and field portion near LT pass are open. 

This Level 1 class follows recommendations from the  American Avalanche Association.

Classroom February 3 & 4  5pm McGill Hall 210 UM Campus

Field Trips February 7 & 8

Participants must have a transceiver, shovel and probe.

This class is limited to 8 participants.

*Participants must have the ability and the tools to travel in the winter backcountry and negotiate inconsistent snow conditions on snowboards or skis. Split boards or skis with climbing skins are the most efficient choice; snowboarders with snowshoes are a second choice.

*Cost will be $240 per participant. The cost includes one-way lifts for the field days.

* Call or visit the UM Outdoor Program (East end of the UM Fitness Center) to register: 243-5172

Or register on line at: