Join avalanche professional Mike Duffy for a snowmachine rescue and skills course.  


Snowmachine Rescue and Skills Course Description:

New class by American Avalanche Association.  Prerequisite for level II, but can be taken anytime.  Fast paced eight-hour class with a minimum of five hours in the field.  For recreational riders, guides, and search and rescue teams.  This is a snowmobile specific class and we will be traveling to areas by snowmobile.

Who? For recreational riders, pros, guides, and search and rescue teams.

Class content:  Escape and survival techniques, rescuer safety/response, scene safety, communication, transceiver, shoveling and probing techniques, victim basic care, deep burials, proximity rescues, RECCO, using advanced features on your transceiver, three ways to utilize snowmobiles in rescue, leading a rescue, rescue scenarios, timed transceiver searches and much more.

What to do for preparation: Read your transceiver manual and practice with both single and multi-burial search functions. Make sure all your gear is ready.  Bring notebook and pen to class. Have your machines in excellent working order. Montana snowmobile registration and/or OHV permit.


Cost: $110

Date:  Tuesday, February 6th

Location: Approximately 20 miles East of Missoula, MT via MT-200 E

Time:  8:00 am -5:00 pm