Women’s Only Backcountry Ski Clinic (Yurtski)

Available Dates:  December 11-13

Yurtski offers a Women’s Only Backcountry Ski Clinic where we cover the basics.  Our instructors are hard working women who love to spend time in the snow.  They have experience in Avalanche Instruction, ski patrol, Mountain Rescue in Denali, leading high altitude ascents in the Himalaya, emergency medicine, backcountry medicine and women’s studies.  Our class is designed to give you all the information you need to start getting out into the backcountry.  We cover everything from pack essentials, skinning techniques, route finding techniques, basic beacon training, and rescue scenarios.  We strive to have an environment where everyone is comfortable asking questions and we tailor our curriculum to the group’s needs and goals.  Our instructors can cover the basics or ramp up education depending on the group.  The class includes yurt stay, instructors, all meals and gear haul.  Yurtski lies deep in the backcountry of the Swan Mountains and offers the best possible learning environment.


This class is for the resort skier who is wanting to venture into the backcountry.  As such, we ask that participants be able to confidently ski “blue/black runs” at the resort.  This course is for you if you want to start venturing into the backcountry but want to gain some skills before heading into hazardous terrain.  Participants must know how to ski or snowboard but no prior backcountry knowledge is necessary.  We will be spending our time learning the critical ways to stay warm, safe and enjoy the winter backcountry while having a blast at these remote yurts for the weekend.

– Course cost is $295, course cannot be booked online. Space is limited.

Contact YURTSKI at 406-721-1779 for more information or to reserve your spot