8 hours of field-based instruction with the Mountain Riding Lab

Student-to-instructor ratio 6:1

Class size: 12 participants maximum.

Date | Time | Location: 

All-day Field Component | Monday 1.16.2023 | Lost Horse Backcountry 8 AM – 5 PM MT

Price: $165.00

Motorized AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course

The AIARE Motorized Avalanche Rescue Course is a one-day field course for new and experienced backcountry riders. This course covers critical and essential life-saving skills and companion rescue techniques. You’ll learn how to properly use your transceiver, shovel, avalanche probe, and other gear with focused skills training and realistic practice scenarios. New participants will learn the basics of companion rescue while returning participants expand their skill sets through advanced topics and complex scenario practice. This course is excellent for standalone learning, developing beyond the rescue skills in Level 1, and beginning the season by dialing in your skills and equipment with your riding group.

Sorry, this course is full. Please visit the education page for upcoming events and course offerings.