Observation Date: 02/06/2021

SE ridge

Storm skiing today. It snowed consistently re-filling our tracks.

Gusty conditions, steady 15-25 mph gusts to 35-40? especially near the ridge tops. Winds seemed to shift from W to E as the day progressed and the air temperature declined with this shift.

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
New snow @ TH-3-4″ dense snow, closer to 8-10″ @ 6,000′, and 18-22″ up high.
We dug once at 7,800′ E facing; ECTP 15, PST 25/100 down 50 cm at the new snow/old snow interface.
We heard numerous whoompf’s between 7,800′ and 8,800′ but saw no cracking or collapsing.

Other Comments:
We kept it in the trees and away from anything over 33 degrees, and found outstanding high country noodling conditions and a dead-fall free approach.

Observer: Ned Gall