Observation Date: 02/06/2021

Toured past the beacon park out the gates to SSW aspect at an elevation of 7787 for some practice pits. Was pretty sheltered considering the winds and snowfall that we saw elsewhere at Snobowl.

Sky: Overcast
Temp: -9 C

Winds from the SW were light where we were but pumping elsewhere.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
None observed

Other Comments:
Avalanche danger was High today and we were looking for storms slabs, wind slabs and persistent layers that we know to exist from seasonal snowpack history and the advisory this morning. While we identified a thin crust layer buried 72 cms from the surface which was our layer of concern, we found instability results repeated on a thin layer of buried near surface facets not associated with that layer. It was such a thin layer that we did not identify it in our hand hardness observations so it caught us by surprise. Between the two groups we had repeatable CT and ECT results on that layer of buried near surface facets 42 cms from the surface. Test results:
CT17 SC down 42 from surface
CT20 SC down 42 from surface
ECTP 21 down 42 from surface

Observer: 20210206 Rattlesnake Jane Quinn & Elizabeth Fricke