Observation Date: 02/07/2021

G-Spot. Broke trail through ~50cm of new snow up the NE ridge.

Overcast and snowing, with a few rare peeks at blue sky to the W. About 20 degrees F. Snow was pretty wet, coming down at a rate 2cm and hour or so.

Little active transport. Light SE wind with occasional gusts. Some evidence of transport of storm snow along route (all E/NE aspects)–mostly wind pillows, little scouring or wind-effect.

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
No avalanche activity observed in area.

Other Comments:
Pertinent observations from Extended Column Test

Elevation: 6000 ft
Aspect: 88 degrees
Slope: 28 degrees
Snow depth: 195cm
ECTN12 at 145cm–storm snow not yet well-bonded with older surface layer. Uneven fracture, no propagation.
ECTN18 at 125 cm–Also an uneven fracture, no propagation. But we did observe some rounding facets in this layer (115-125cm), which was also significantly harder than the surrounding layers. Seems like a persistent problem layer to continue keeping an eye on.

Observer: Alexei Desmarais