Observation Date: 02/07/2021

Broke trail to the top of the pillows, then past and down lower angle terrain to the road. Took the road to the other side of the bowl and two laps through the rock pillars on and near the low angle shoulder.

Light snow and wind, overcast skies.


New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
None observed.

Other Comments:
Thigh deep trailbreaking made going extremely slow. About 80cm of new snow on a crust. Kept it low angle with concerns about the sheer amount of new snow. There was so much snow that downhill was almost as hard as up with having to resort to downhill skinning in lower angle terrain.

I was suspicious not to have a single whumpf, collapse or crack all outing, including on wind pillows. Some small point releases noticed on the steepest slopes next to rock bands.

On my way out, talked with a party of two who appeared to be of mixed abilities. I told them what I saw, and advised caution, but they were undeterred from their objective of skiing the steep lines and pillows. I implore everyone to take a step back and dial it down as our snowpack adjusts.

Observer: Miles K