Observation Date: 02/07/2021

Lost Trail’s backcountry, south aspect near 8200’

Heavy snow and gusty winds prevailed the entire weekend. Lost Trail reported nearly 24” in 24 hours.

Moderate gusting strong with plenty of wind transport observed.

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
We suspect what we saw was a windslab that released naturally below corniced ridge on an East aspect above 8000’ on the Stateline Ridge. Crown was about 40 meters across on a a steep, open, unsupported slope. R1, D2.

Other Comments:
Snow pits on S aspect near 8200” showed repeated CTM planar fractures on a density change 35cm down and 45cm down on small faceted crystals. ECTN23 on facets above crust 70 cm down. Looked but did not find surface hoar like we did near the parking lot. Facet-crust sandwich 65 cm down on S aspect is still pretty weak. HS was 170 cm.

Observer: WCMAF Lost Trail L1 Phillips Dangelo