Observation Date: 02/07/2021

Up Point six, down low-angle Jenny, up low angle east ridge to point 7,800, down steeper direct fall line, out.

Pleasant touring weather: low wind, cold temps, short breaks of sun.


New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
Multiple natural avalanches in view. All ran on highly loaded east facing slopes, with steepest gradient. One slide on the steep east face of Jenny propagated across multiples cliff bands over several hundred feet. Additionally, Burgundy ridge appeared to have undergone two different natural cycles during the storm, with two crowns being partially buried by new snow and three that appeared to have run at some point yesterday after precipitation intensity waned. Slides had limited destructive capacity, but did propagate across mid-slope convexities that would entrain skiers.

Although we did not inspect closely, from a distance, all avalanches appeared to be limited to a soft/storm slab that ran on some interface of near-surface facets or crust. On more sheltered aspects (from the wind), the low-angle, but deep storm snow we toured/skied through was unreactive and benefitted from the right-side-up nature of the 72 hour storm total.

Other Comments:

Observer: Graham Coppes