Observation Date: 02/19/2021

Followed an old skin track south off the main trail up to about 6500′ ft.

Overcast with cloud base just obscuring ridge tops and some low clouds. Light snow from 5am to 8am. Warming temperatures throughout the day and by 11am the trailhead was getting mushy and sunny.

Still throughout the morning. No evidence of recent wind activity.

New Snow:

Avalanche Activity:
No avalanche activity observed.

Other Comments:
Limited new snow on the valley floor, but by 6000ft the old skin track was mostly obscured. No evidence of wind effect down low. Snow on top was still coming down light and fluffy. As I ascended the snow depth grew rapidly between 5500ft and 6k.

Dug a pit at 6000ft, N aspect on 35 degree slope. Height of snow was 190cm. Several density changes in the top of the snowpack around 15cm, 35cm, 65cm and Jan 13th crust was at 100cm down. Snow was very right side up to almost Pencil just above the crust interface. ECTP 28 @ 100cm on that crust. Noticeable “umph” as the layer failed. Took a little work to pry it out with the shovel, but once it went it was a pretty scary to be standing right in front of it. That is one solid block of snow.

Observer: Fletcher Hazlehurst