Observation Date: 02/21/2021

Skied various E facing bowls from south to north on the day.

Temps hovering around 20ish on the day with snow flurries, wind chill felt near zero.

Sustained 20mph+ on ridges and peaks from the west, transporting snow to leeward slopes below ridgeline throughout the day.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Pit results gave us ECTN12 at 25cm down of recent snow/soft slab on E face at 8040′, and ETCX at 120cm. Bottom of snowpack was faceted and over 1.5m down in the shallowest locations in which we dug/probed. New snow from last several days was well bonded to last week’s large storm cycle.

The slide we triggered occurred on a steep and short (~100 vertical feet, 40*) rollover on the E face off of the ridge north of Morrell Mt summit. Skiers were aware of the rollover and skied it one at a time. The third skier remotely triggered a soft-slab above and to the left of skier. Attached are photos of the outlined crown, which was approximately 20ft across and 15-20cm tall. Skier was not caught or thrown off balance. The slide runout was short, maybe 30 vertical feet below crown.

Other Comments:
Cornices were very, very large and overhung on most ridgelines. We kept a wide berth and avoided traveling under them,

Observer: Mason Dow