Observation Date: 02/20/2021

Skinned and skied the E facing ridge on Mill Point with goal of skiing the peak down to Tagg Alder.

Cloudy with brief patches of sun and around 20 degrees. It began to snow early afternoon.

Morning was calm, early afternoon winds picked up to 10-20mph.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
We experienced wumphing and collapsing on a NE facing aspect on the ridge South of Tagg Alder around 7400′. We dug a pit on a NE aspect at 7600′ and observed an ECTP-10 @ 20cm soft storm slab, and an ECTP29 @95cm on a thin facets layer on what we assumed was the January 13 crust. Snow depth was 205cm.

Other Comments:
We skied down from our pit at 7600′ deciding that our pit results and worsening visibility were indicators to go have a beer at the car.

Observer: Erik Sand