Observation Date: 02/26/2021

Skinned up to the top of Point Six and skied the ridge east of Jenny bowl to the lake and back down Paradise.

Lightly snowing, 6″ new snow overnight.

Windy out of the southwest ~20mph. Significant wind pillows on the top of Point Six and all down the east ridge of Jenny bowl.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
While skinning over a ~5′ tall, 30-ft wide wind pillow at the top of Point Six (7,900′), the whole thing collapsed and propagated (see photos). Looked like about 4-5″ of wind slab where it broke. This was an isolated feature and we were on otherwise flat ground at the summit. Big wind pillow/ridges cut across our path like powder speed bumps as we skied down the ridge east of Jenny bowl, but the top one was the only one that failed like that.

Other Comments:

Observer: Simon Buzzard