Observation Date: 02/27/2021

Up the low angle ridges to about 7200′ just before the steep pitch to climb up to Baby Gash and the SE bowl. Skied skintrack back down to junction with the low angle ridge (Dad Ridge) that takes you to Gash Proper. Skinned up to 8000′ and skied back down.

Warm and sunny at lower elevations turning to snowing with moderate winds as squalls would blow through.

Moderate out of the West, but also seen cross loading the bowls. Wind increases throughout the day filling in most tracks above 6000′ by the end of the afternoon.

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
Very large collapses in thin areas going up the flats and low angle ridges to Baby Gash. Some collapses so large they shook surrounding trees. No avalanches observed.

Other Comments:
Dug pit at 7200 at our turnaround point on the approach to Baby Gash. HS 310cm
ECTN2 in the top new snow of about 30 cm
ECTPP22 about 80 cm down.
The multiple large collapses on the approach were enough to keep us from going up the steep climb to get to the SE bowl or even remotely close to any slopes 30 degrees.

Low angle, beautiful powder all the way down to the road.

Observer: Miles K