Observation Date: 03/01/2021

Parked sleds near the end of the road and skinned up the west facing ridge. Turned around above lake and lapped the wnw facing aspect. Our slope stayed fairly shady but there were a lot of point releases and roller balls from outcrops from the morning sun on the east / ese aspect side of the drainage.

Perfect sunny day. Perfect powder.

Some gusts but generally calm. No obvious wind transport or wind slabs where we skiied.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Small, shallow looking point releases and roller balls from the rocks on the sunny side of the drainage.

Other Comments:
Dug a pit at 6800′ on nw aspect that we skiied. Total depth was between 245 – 260cm in the area. ECTN @27 approx 35 cm. Couldn’t really get anything else to move. No other signs of instabilities on the shady nw slope.

Observer: Deana D