Observation Date: 04/02/2021

Summited ESM in the Mission Mountains on Friday and with the warm weather lately, it was almost completely melted out below 5,500 feet but we ran into deep, wet snow that was not freezing overnight past that elevation, until about 7,000 feet where there was a thin crust layer on the surface. The upper ridge seemed solid, with stable snow and patches of firm hard snow that had formed from the melt freeze in the last week. Temps were around 60 by noon and we noticed slides on the surrounding peaks on very steep sections but never noticed any concerning conditions on our route. I did not notice any active slides but my partner pointed out some that we had not seen on the way up and we assumed they had happened that afternoon as the weather was warming the mountains pretty rapidly.

Clear, blue skies all day with temps around the low 60s. Very sunny!

Once we got above tree line and onto the ridge, the wind picked up, more noticeably on the descent around 1 PM. Cornices were clear and snow drift has caused features on the ridge but nothing out of the ordinary.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
We noticed some slides in the surrounding area, only on terrain that had near vertical faces. Nothing in close proximity to our route, but all visible to the naked eye. Not sure exactly what time it was but I would guess it was around 11-1 PM we were on the ridge and noticed them, however I did not notice any active slides and cannot guarantee they happened Friday.
My partner made the observation and said that he did not notice them on the way up, and so we assumed they happened in the time we were approaching the summit.

Other Comments:

Observer: Wyatt Pritchard