Observation Date: 11/26/2014

Terrain in and around around Pt Six and Montana Snowbowl with conservative route and terrain choices over the past two mornings.

Density, new snow (12″+) above 6,000 ft with W/SW winds 15-20 with gust to 30. Warm temps with snow line at ~5,500 ft.


New Snow: 12+”

Snow Density:

Avalanche Activity:
Really weak, upside down snowpack (30″+) with poor structure and basal weaknesses (facets, 2mm) on northern aspects. Dense new snow on top has slabbed with westerly winds. Significant cracking, collapsing, and whomping on all aspects.

No naturals observed. Significant shooting cracks but no results with ski cuts on moderate angle slopes. Stayed of any slopes over 30 degrees.

Good skiing with cautious approach…fat skis and low speeds. Considerable/High avalanche danger right now with a our very weak, upside down snowpack. Suspect a natural cycle on steep terrain is possible with warming temps overt the next 24-36 hours.

Observed Danger Rating:

Other Comments:

Observer: Jeff Schmalenberg