Observation Date: 01/01/2015

Lincoln, west of Stonewall Creek on east aspect directly across from Stonewall Mountain

Sunny, -5 – 10 degrees, no precipitation

No wind, obvious wind effects on slope from winds over previous few days. Moderate amount of snow transport observed, mainly cross loading slopes from south to east.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
No natural or human triggered activity observed. Minor wind pocket releases observed across the drainage on west aspects of Stonewall Mountain.

Dug 2 pits at 6900′ and 7400′ on east aspects facing Stonewall mountain. Stable conditions observed. New snow was well bonded and did not break in either pit. At ECT 30 in both pits was able to fracture about 2′ below the snow surface on a minor layer of old facets. Skied open 35 degree terrain and found no issues with stability.

Other Comments:

Observer: Chris Cote