Observation Date: 01/24/2015

ENE 7700′ 25* facing slope beside Ridge above Downing Mtn Lodge.

Overcast, L WNW winds, S-1 light snow, T-air 0* C. rain/ thaw levels quite high. The beginning of “Juneuary”.

Light WNW winds with no snow transport – too moist

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
HS 190cm – T surface – -2.5*C, T-20cm -7*C, Ski pen 10cm- Boot pen 20cm. Surface snow – 2mm Melt Forms. Some roller balls on steep, rocky slopes. Skiing was tough and sticky, but improved the next day as snow was saturated much deeper on 01/25.

Observer: George D’Angelo