Observation Date: 02/04/2015

Gash point south bowl. Skied north and east aspects off of the south bowls summit.

Morning inversion, even some sunshine early in the day. At 1pm the next batch of storm rolled in bringing flurries and low visibility to the high mountains. Light rain at the trailhead.

The last storm came in with little wind. Some bowls had collected slightly more snow, although no wind slabs were evident.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Sluff on steeper terrain. The 3″ of new snow was not propagating in a slab, although the high water content made for some hard to manage sluff slides. Could pose a threat on steeper or more exposed terrain.

Other Comments:
Can no longer ski to the lower trailhead. I could just barely skin from the lower trailhead, but after this coming rain it will be a different story.

Observer: Blake Votilla