Observation Date: 02/11/2015

Standard Route, right at the Y to bear creek lookout; first parking area; bring chains if you must drive to the second lot and leave before it softens up.

Few Clouds, low winds, no loading observed

Low wind, no transport observed

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
Jelly rolls, south faces, evident from yesterday’s warming.

Other Comments:
Snow depth at 215cm around 7500, 71deg mag aspect. + followed by melt layer of 5cm, followed by rounds to 197cm where sintering rounds topped an ice crust at around 160cm. No propagation noted in an ECT. Very Easy Shovel shear on the ice layer at around 160cm. Little energy observed but quality layers are still working out the necessary bonding. Ski everything.

Observer: Nicholas Fry