Observation Date: 11/21/2015

Gash Point south bowl


Very windy on the ridge, no wind in the bowls.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Layers appear to be bonding fairly well, wind slabs still touchy.

Other Comments:
Snowpack is getting deep above 7,000ft. Depth in thin trees on a directly east facing slope (but low enough to be outside of major wind pillow) was about 100cm. Top 10cm is just fluff, below that we saw a number of cohesive slabs that had poor interfaces but no observed weak layers. Given a little time the base should bond pretty well, not much energy on failures but Q2’s were pretty smooth and uniform.

depth measured from the top of the snowpack (snowpack ~100cm deep)
CT: 1-5cm, Q3 3-30cm, Q2 18-60cm, Q2 22-80, Q2

ECT: 2-30cm, Q3 NP 14-40cm Q2 NP

Observer: Uhlenbruck Ben