Observation Date: 12/13/2015

Gash Point North Bowl

Snowing 3/4 inch/hr. Storm of 12/12/15 came in with some wind up high (8200-9000)

0-5mph Some smaller isolated wind slabs on the top of the gash ridge.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Generally good stability above 8,000 feet with a few isolated wind slabs near the summit of Gash Point. Facets on the ground are beginning to round are showing much more strength ( 1finger hardness).
In our pit at 8700ft NE aspect we saw no propagation of the ice crust 15cm or on the storm interface at 35cm.
Some point releases on elevations below 7400ft on the rain crust. Some settling underfoot in areas of very shallow snowpack (45cm) at approximate elevations of 6800ft where the rain crust was considerably thicker. and sitting on fist sugar.

Overall stability increased with elevation and depth of snowpack. kind of funky in the lower elevations. Outside of the snowpack these areas are not even worth skiing right now in my opinion anyway due to lots of thin coverage.

Other Comments:

Observer: Ben Hoiness