Observation Date: 12/19/2015

Carey Bridgeman and I ascended the glen lake access road via sled and skinned from the parking area gate. We accessed glen lake via the central ridgeline and skied the east facing bowl and trees above from the high point to the lake.

Overcast and moderate to light snow all day. Light winds. Temperatures in the basin held in the mid to low 20’s. The snow was heavy for the area but skied beautifully.

5-10 mph throughout the day.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
We experienced large scale whoomphing throughout our skin. No avalanches or releases were observed.

Other Comments:
We dug one pit with what we considered, along with our experience of the new snow and whoomphing, to be red flag results. All depth references are off the ground. 125 cm deep snowpack. 8600′. East.
Ectn 3 q2-3 105cm new snow interface (nsi)
Ectn 8 q2-3 95cm nsi
Ectn 10 q2-3 80cm nsi
Ectp 12 q1 40cm slab

Observer: Caleb Kasper