Observation Date: 12/20/2015

Carey, Kelly, Mike and I sled accessed the Glen lake parking lot gate. We skinned to Glen lake via the ridge. We skied the east facing bowl above the lake.

The day started colder with light snow early. The temperatures dropped throughout the day from the mid 20’s to about 15 degrees at the end of the day. There was mixed overcast and sun thoughout the day. Wind picked up around noon and continued to the evening. Wind speeds 10-15 gusting to near 20 at the ridges.

Snow was moving off ridges and high points. Gusts were strong and getting stronger throughout the day.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
Many point releases were observed from steep exposed rock above 35 degrees. We saw these releases on varied terrain between 8000′ and 8800′. These releases were primarily on east and northeast facing slopes. The resulting sloughs looked to be in the 6-10″ depth range. Minor whoomphing was experienced several times. Some minor sloughing was triggered on a few of our ski runs, but the pile up didn’t step down at all.

Other Comments:
We dug two pits. Carey and Mike’s was quite stable in its results, but was dug in what turned out to be a loaded area with much deeper snow than that around. Kelly and I found moderate results in my opinion. 8300′ east. 95 cm depth. All depth references are off the ground.
Ectn 7 q3 80cm
Ectn 12 q3 70cm
Ectn 14 q2-3 60cm
Ectn 16 q3 50cm
Ectp 17 q2-3 25cm

Observer: Caleb Kasper