Observation Date: 12/24/2015

Standard route to “The Crown” east facing bowl just above 8000′.

Intermittent clouds. Calm wind. Flurries. Temps in the teens all day above 7000′


New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
Able to trigger one very small wind slab on ridge top, almost not worth noting. No obvious signs of instability.

Other Comments:
The storms seemed to come in right side up at downing since last Friday. The pit I dug at 8200′ proved an overall healthy snowpack with good strength between the new / old snow interface, good structure, and no propagation. See attached pit profile and note. The rain crust of concern last week was not reactive at all in tests today. I was surprised how little sluff was even moving up top. I was able to find some faceted snow at the ground but my pit could very well could have been on rocks. Maybe still worth digging down on shaded aspects especially but the snowpack is now quite deep about 190cm total at my test location. Cheers and enjoy the pow.

Observer: Blake Votilla