Observation Date: 12/24/2015

Stateline ridge N of Lost Trail Chair 4. North Facing 8,000 Ft.

Partly sunny, 17 deg at time of test. V. light snow, no wind.

2-5 mph from W-SW

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No natural or skier-triggered, no settlement or shooting cracks. Toured N, S & W slopes. No cornice fall.

Other Comments:
195 cm total snow. CTM 16 , Q3 shear @ 40 cm from surface (155 cm), 2 times. ECTN 20, no propagation and very little slab character above CTM shear lines. Right-side-up storm with top 50 cm fist, next 20 cm 4F and 1F to about 40 cm from ground, where it fell back to 4F unbonded snow.
Main av problem= soft slab/point release at 155 cm level, likely to persist and may become active with wind load/slab formation or new snow loading. Lots of snow available for transport. Boot penetration about 70 cm, ski penetration about 30 cm.
South aspects still soft but only 5-10 cm fresh on top of firmly bonded layers. West similar. Good skiing and travel most aspects; climbing on N aspect slow but mid layers support skier weight.

Observer: Ed Snook