Observation Date: 01/20/2016

From the trailhead we approach the normal route. When people go lookers left to approach Gash Proper we stayed to the north side of the creek to approach the back bowl just beyond Gash proper to the north. At 8400 feet we dug a pit below the ridge top by about 100-150 vertical feet with an East to southeast aspect.

Cloudy with intermittent flurries.

WINDY gusts we averaging potential 30 mph with as high as 50mph. while on the ridge winds would periodically shift and gusts would be from all directions but mostly from the south and north. snow was being heavily transported but in all directions and aspects other than exposed ridge lines of which were scoured.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Dug a pit at 8400 feet at E-SE aspect with a 33 degree slope. Snow Depth: 280cm Air temp 20F
CT showed fracturing at CT10 @240cm from ground (40cm from surface) and at CT21 @210 cm from ground (70cm from surface). Did an ECT next and scored at ECTP18 @210cm from ground. With full propagation showing in the test we decided to ski the low angle trees on top staying out of terrain traps and exposed faces while following our skin track back. At 7400 Feet on an east to south east exit we came across a convexity in the slope. After the great skiing had in the low trees and after descending past what we expected to be hazardous we let our guard down… First skier completed the subtle slope with no signs of instability as we were exiting off the mountain. Second skier turned into the run and after the first turn the entire slope released into an avalanche. skier was carried on top of the avy approximately 100 feet down slope and partially buried at the waist. No injuries happened other than a huge wake up call. The crown was approximately 60 cm tall. From flank to flank the slide was about 75 yards wide and approximately 80-90 vertical feet from toe to crown. Slope was about 35 degrees at the convexity with 20 degree slope trees before and after the opening. This was a wind/storm slab avalanche.

Other Comments:

Observer: Evan Hauser