Observation Date: 02/06/2016

Skinned up to ridge and onward to third bowl. Due to the expected high winds and snow transport up there, we had zero intention of skiing 3rd. Road below steep PowerLine shot is starting to get drifted in, but sleds can still make it.

Snowy with blizzard conditions up high.

Windy with gust over 30mph. Snow transport prominent on ridge and heavy deposition on leeward aspect of ridge.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
Zero avalanche activity observed. Zero cracking/whoomfing.
Dug pit on east facing aspect toward top of 3rd.

~7,000′ elevation on 30° slope.
Snowpack depth: 200 cm.
Temp: 20’s

CT1 55cm. Q1
CT27 35cm. Q1
ECTN 31 (Beat the daylights out of the column with zero propagation; Messy break ~15cm wide and 50cm deep at 31)

Other Comments:
Skinned back to ridge between 2nd and Suzy (1st bowl). Rode trees out on ridge with great turns and zero worries.

Observer: RC RC

CT1 55cm

Looking north into 3rd