Observation Date: 02/05/2016

Toured up the ridge and dug at several locations on the ridge to ESM.

Calm in the morning, windy and whiteout conditions in the afternoon, significant warming at lower elevations on the egress out

pretty gusty, winds out of the w/sw, fairly obvious wind loading on easterly aspects.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
large naturals observed on SE face of ESM, very large wind slabs. some minor cracking on ridge tops and on loaded slopes

Other Comments:
6,800 W aspect 150 cm depth
ECTN 13 25 cm down on tiny buried surface hoar layer
ECTN 16 69 cm down on rain crust

8,200 E aspect 143 cm depth
ECTN9 Q2 25 cm down , freshly formed wind slab
ECTN17 Q2 47 cm down on rain crust?*
ECTP20Q1 83 cm, appeared to be buried surface hoar
These two pits were dug 10 ft. apart
8,200 E aspect 165 cm depth
ECTN11Q3 22 cm down, wind slab on SH
ECTN13 Q2 30 cm down, rain crust?*
ECTN26 Q2 90 cm down, appeared to be buried surface hoar

8,420 W aspect 95cm depth
ECTN9 Q2 18 cm on buried surface hoar
ECTN14Q2 26 cm **
ECTN20Q3 45 cm down on buried surface hoar

*this layer is similar depth as the rain crust, although i dont believe it rained this high. not sure what it was
**appeared to be same troublesome layer as other aspects that moved in at the same time as the rain crust

Observer: Cory K Cory