Observation Date: 02/15/2016

Yurtski Terrain – Lookout to Morrell Mountain

Fri 2/12 – Sunny and warm, above freezing. Friday night through Monday 2 systems came through with moderate temps, strong winds and progressively wetter snow. At least 2′ of snow fell Saturday – Monday.

Moderate to strong from the west

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
Friday 2/12 had a wet snow surface, many rollers and pinwheels and some minor loose, wet point releases.

Sunday 2/14 we released several soft slabs 8″ deep in some short but steeper chutes. The release in one chute triggered a small release in the adjacent chute as well.

Other Comments:
Monday 2/15 saw a significant new weight of dense, wet snow. About 20-25″ of new snow total on top of the hard crust surface formed after 2/19 from the 2 storms over the weekend.

At 7400′ dug a pit on an east aspect >35 degrees. ECTP 11 breaking 24″ down on the 2/15 crust. Broke with moderate energy, but as a slab. Had rain on snow at about 6500′ and wet snow above this elevation.

Observer: Chris Cote