Observation Date: 02/14/2016

Merrill Mountain- Yurtski

Warm storm Feb 14- Feb 15 deposited 20cm of warm (0’C) snow on top of 30cm unconsolidated snow from previous system. Rain level was just below the Lupine yurt on Feb 15.

Moderate from the west

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
We observed 2 small skier and rider triggered loose avalanches on Feb 14th:

Another party reported remotely triggering a small slide that we did not observe.

Other Comments:
We dug 2 pits Below Merrell Mountain Lookout
E aspects, 30′ slope average
HS: 200 cm
HN: 30 cm
Layer of Concern: Interface between 30cm unconsolidated new snow above 5cm melt-freeze crust

Test results:
No propagation
Poor structure
Low energy
High friction

We observed cracks below our skis, and triggered small stuffs in the unconsolidated new snow while in the skin track and while skiing downhill. We observed snow transport, cornice development, and wind slab development on the East side of the Ridgeline. Skiing was ‘dust on crust’.

20cm moist snow fell overnight
Air temp @ 12:00 : +1C

We dug 1 pit below Merrell Mountain Lookout on an E aspect w/ 30′ slope. We again observed no propagation, low energy, poor structure, and high friction in the snowpack. New snow was heavy, and more ‘slab like’.

Observer: Burket Kniveton