Observation Date: 02/25/2016

ENE aspect 7000 ft.

Very sunny


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
One CT test, top 4″ was CT10, Q1 possible an old graupel layer or surface hoar. 12″ from surface was CT25, Q2. Nothing below this went with 30 taps although a layer with a crust at about 20″ broke fairly clean when cleaved.
Numerous thin slabs released during last storm cycle on north through east aspects. These had made a pile at the bottom of 4th bowl that was 4+ ft deep. Nothing moved while skiing although the deeper wind deposited entries looked dangerous.
Excellent cold snow in the bowls on ENE through N aspects.
Could not get a sled in from the new TNC parking lot due to lack of snow to get over boulders and around gate, also unlikely there would have been snow up that road. It’s still possible to sled in from Gold Creek but has about 50 yds dirt. Snowmelt is about 1 mo ahead of normal, not likely to be able to sled in there much longer.

Other Comments:

Observer: Ian M