Observation Date: 03/02/2016

Hike to 5700. Skis on/off. Up to 8400′.First drop to 6300′ due east. Reclimb 8200′ drop to 6400′ this drop due north upper then more east. Climb out had south aspect and then east to 6900 last drop due north to about 5900. Did not get on any westerly aspects

Instability showers at start 10 am. More sun with fast moving clouds(high wind aloft out NW/W. Some gusting winds on climb in exposed NW aspect. Warm sun.

Wind out NW even low down in elevation.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
None observed. Able to view upper Ward Creek headwall and steep North aspect . Some roller balling off some cliffs (SE} aspect .

Other Comments:
Did multiple had pits and pole probes. Firm rain crust to aprox. 6900′ all aspects travelled. Above to 8400 rain crust thinner to non existant. This layer buried from 1″ (lower elev.} to 10″(higher elev}. Small column most reactive below crust where crust1-2 ” at around 7000″ at NE aspect. Did see some grappel where wind uncovered it. So there could be some pooling in some areas. Skiing dense powder east aspect to 7000′ to soft crust(sun warmed) North powder (8000-7000). Below 7000′ north dust on firm crust. East aspect in shade later in day , breakable. This took longer to type than tour.

Observer: janiec g