Observation Date: 03/11/2016

Bass trail to lake on 03/11, then over the weekend we skied many areas and aspects around the lake including, the north face of Bass peak and lower parts of the east face and north facing runs east of the pass. Then skied out on 03/14

rain at the lake friday night and saturday morning, partly sunny with wind at higher elevation on saturday, then a couple inches of snow late evening. Mostly sunny sunday, turning to heavy snow by evening. Woke up to 15+ inches of fresh powder monday morning and still snowing hard. Heavy snow and steady winds with gusts up to 40+ mph on the way out across the lake and avy fields on monday.
At least 10 inches of fresh powder as low as the turn off to Lappi lake.

We observed alot of wind transportation of snow and fairly high winds on the north side of Bass peak on saturday, and 40+ mph winds on the way out acsoss the lake on monday.

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
On our way in on friday we observed alot of fresh point releases on 40+ degree slopes on the SE & S aspects of Stormy Joe, looked like the biggest hazard would be getting taken off a cliff or into a terrain trap.
On sunday while skiing the east face of Bass peak we observed quite a few point releases on extremely steep west aspects dropping down into Bass pass, same hazards as above.

Other Comments:
All measurements are from the surface down.
On saturday before summiting Bass peak we dug a pit on a N-NW aspect 24 degree slope,elevation around 8300′ with snow depth of 200cm. CT10 at 7cm Q3, CT14 at 17cm Q3, CT14 at 30cm Q3, CT15 40cm Q3, and CT23 at 52cm Q2. ECTN10 7cm Q3,
ECTN14 30cm Q3,ECTN25 40cm Q3

On sunday we dug a pit on the east face of Bass peak, unsure of elevation but above the main tree line, east aspect 24 degree slope, snow depth of 240cm, on our shovel sheer test we got Q2 breaks at 45cm and 110cm but did not show in the other tests.
CT13 23cm Q3, CT27 50cm Q3. ECTN20 23cm Q3

Observer: Josh Weiss