Observation Date: 03/26/2016

NE face of gash point proper – we dug a quick pit at approx. 8500ft on a 25 degree NE slope, on far skier’s R (moderate) entrance of the NE face/bowl. Snowpack depth greater than 250cm. Results were ECTN 15 Q3 at approx 15cm from surface at an unexamined layer within the storm snow. ECTN 19 Q2 at approx 40cm depth on the storm snow/old snow interface. Note – did not continue test into the 20s.

Elected to ski moderate righthand side of NE face to bench at 6500ft (twice) and found excellent powder skiing. Triggered one small point-release of storm snow on a convexity with no consequences. conditions felt “stout moderate” and we skied fairly conservative terrain accordingly.

Noted surface hoar formation on shaded terrain from clear & cold friday night. Greater wind effect on E bowl of gash point (than NE bowl) upon egress run #1. Noted a newly formed sun crust below approx. 7200ft on E aspect of the main gash bowl upon egress run #2. Strong solar affect on S aspects as well. did not venture onto W aspects.

beautiful and sunny

evidence of recent cross loading on E aspects. minimal wind during tour

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
lower gash trailhead is accessible with 4wd/awd and decent clearance – mostly dirt but a handful of snowy patches. trail to upper TH is 80%dirt/20% snow. skinnable/skiable snow is reached approx. 5-10 minutes beyond upper TH.

Observer: andrew mayer