Observation Date: 03/31/2016

From StMary’s lake we took the climber’s trail up the ridge from the NE edge of the lake.
Snow was completely melted off the road and a good ways up the trail, but unsure of exact elevation of the snow line.

light rain in the morning on the drive in, by afternoon it was snowing up on the ridge, low visability most of the day.


New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
dug a pit on the ridge south of the summit at about 8600′ on an east aspect looking into the bowl that runs into the unnamed lake at the base of gray wolf peak, on a 45 degree slope, snow depth was 170cm. Done a CT and ECT, the only results we got was CT 18 at 40cm down.
We didn’t end up summiting or skiing the bowl due to low visibility.

Observer: Josh Weiss