Observation Date: 12/08/2016

North ridge towards Gash Proper to aprx. 8500′. Tried to drive to TH. Snowdrift on road SE corner, Retreated to Gash Crk and walked, some skinned up. 12+” snow at this elev.(4800′).

Sunny at start High clouds as day progressed. Cold-2 deg. up high.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Saw some avalanche crowns on steep NW gullies wet of Gash point at aprox 8500′ level. Far away but definately visible say 1-2 ft depth. They were below ridge 200-300′. Probably last storm.

Other Comments:
Breaking trail above 7000, was on settled snow easy going. Below this level on any south aspect ,lower snowpack was to ground and plenty of logs and rocks. I now may own a pair of rock skis now.Dug pit sheltered area from any wind on NNE. 40″(100 cm.) Low angle. 3-4 ” moist depth hoar on ground. Nice settled 1-2 finger density above depth hoar. Above this 1-2 Finger layer top 12-14″(last snowfall) four finger/fist density. Rough column test showed nice bonding of new snow to settled. Needed to pry on column to move settled snow. We skied out on gentle low angle snow snakes and hard granite more issue than avalanche on way out.

Observer: janiec g