Observation Date: 01/31/2017

Start aprox. 5700′ up to aprox. 8000′. Travel up and down east,NE facing. Mostly low angle <30 deg. Fairly sheltered except top exposed to wind.

Blue sky.

Strong south wind top. Tracks from previous day blown in at top exposed slope. Could see snow plumes top of peaks(including Kidney Pk/Camas PK).

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
None seen on Camas PK or upper Hayes creek. Exposed upper elevation slopes wind sculpted.

Other Comments:
In same area previous day (12/30). That day trail breaking quite difficult due to skis dropping in upside down layer in snowpack( Dense layer on top lighter density)skiing down did ride on top off this layer. On 12/31 much easier travel and faster skiing. 12/31 Did pit on ENE aspect at aprox 7200′. This layer 15-18″ from top. CT 15 rough shear. On 12/30 did rough hand pit at 6000′ and this density layer sheared easily. Nice skiing .

Observer: g janiec