Observation Date: 01/08/2017

Started at Lolo Pass visitor’s center. Followed Granite Pass Road one mile before ascending sub-ridge to 46°38’1.77″N, 114°35’52.73″W.

Overcast skies throughout the day.

Wind was calm. Did not observe wind loading or scouring.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
Did not observe any avalanche activity.

Other Comments:
Dug a snow pit above Granite Pass road within one and a half miles of the Lolo Pass visitor’s center. Exact location was 46°38’1.77″N, 114°35’52.73″W at 5850 ft. Aspect was SE with a slope angle of 21°. Snow depth was 120 cm. Compression test resulted in failures at 8 cm beneath surface (CT 6) , 16 cm (CT 13), and 39 cm (CT 27). Extended column test roughly mirrored the results of the compression test, but did not propagate. ECTN 4 at 8 cm beneath the surface (failed again at 16 cm on 13th strike and 38 cm on 28th strike).

Our group pre-planned to ski multiple laps on this low angle slope (≤ 27°) and continued with that plan based on these results.

Observer: Charles Bolte