Observation Date: 01/14/2017

Toured through crystal amphitheater and skied on SE & N aspects between 20 and 35+ degrees.

Sunny and clear.

Low speed wind with the occasional higher gust

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
No natural slides observed and no human triggered activity.

Other Comments:
Large surface hoar crystals on all aspects due to the recent cold, clear nights offered enjoyable skiing, but could be worth keeping an eye on with new snowfall or aspects experiencing wind loading.

Pit information – SE aspect @ ~6000 feet. Total snow depth was about 150cm. Snow pack was extremely right side up with little evidence of basal facets. The compression tests yielded the following data: CT21 Q2 @ 130cm from base, CT26 Q3 @ 120cm from base, and ECTN21 Q3 @ 130cm from base. Additionally, while attempting to shear the CT column from behind, the column released at about 70cm from base with Q1/Q2 shear quality. However, we could not get this deeper weak layer to react in any compression tests.

Observer: Zak C.